Evenings with a chill in the air, the approach of Halloween, and it getting darker at night earlier. That is what fall is all about to me, and that is what is encouraging me to think about the living room, the perfect place to spend chilly autumn evenings.  So if you want some inspiration on refreshing your living room for fall, keep reading to check out my ideas and get instruction on how to do them too.  

Leather sofa cushions

Something that I like to create in the fall is a really cozy sofa area that everyone is happy snuggling up on for Family time, or when they are aren’t feeling so well. The two main elements of this are making sure that you have some nice fluffy throws and lots and lots of sofa pillows.

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However, I have noticed that pillows, especially the high-end ones can be so expensive these days and that is why I suggest that you get creative and make your own. In fact, by doing this, you can use any material you want. Even, super on trend vintage leather as the instruction below show.

Step one: Raid your wardrobe for old leather jackets.

Step two: Cut cushion pad patterns from the jackets see here.

Step three: Use a leather sewing machine like the one show on Top9Rated to sew the two side together. Remember to do this with the back of the leather facing outwards on each one. Do this for only 3 sides.

Step four:  Turn the leather cushion the right way out and fill with a cushion pad or webbing. Then sew up the last seam using the sewing machine. Make This as neat as possible and cut down the leather, so there is only little left over at the end.

Blackout curtains

There is nothing like battening down the hatches when the nights start drawing in. For us, that is drawing the curtains as soon as it starts to get dark and sitting by the warm glow of the fire. Of course, to do this properly, you need to have those thick heavy curtains that blot out the cold work outside and keep you toasty and warm on the inside.

Unfortunately, a lot of the curtain you can buy ready made are a bit flimsy and let the light and heat out. So instead why not follow the instructions to convert normal curtains into insulated blackout ones that will keep you toasty and warm?

Step one: Find some curtains – use ones you have or check out online auctions or the thrift store for a bargain.

Step two: Get all of your materials together. You will need blackout fabric, scissors, and a sewing machine.

Step three: Lay out your curtain on a flat hard surface. Then cut the blackout fabric to size. You want it to be 2 inches smaller than the actual curtains on all sides.

Step 4: Pin the blackout fabric to the top of the curtain underneath where it fits only to the pole. Then sew across this with a sewing machine and that it. Of course, you can hem them all the way around if you want but because you have made the fabric smaller, it should hide behind the actual curtain anyway and look great with the minimum of effort.  

Aggie Aviso