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I do not only offer solutions. I bring value to the table.
Hello. Nice to meet you.


My name is Aggie and I’m a writer.

I didn’t study to become one as I am a certified medical technologist and nurse, but life doesn’t work out the way you originally plan sometimes.

Prior to what I am doing now, I worked in the customer service industry of a registrar company (outsourced) handling different touch points from voice, e-mail and fax for three years before being promoted to Quality Assurance Analyst. As an analyst, I review voice calls, e-mail outreach and replies and fax processed requests. I also give coaching and feedback to customer service agents assigned to me thrice a week.


When an opportunity presented itself, I started working from home in 2008 so I can take care of my children (Family always come first). I first started doing paid blogging and writing articles for web sites and then I worked as a freelance writer and blog coordinator/project coordinator for an SEO Company in 2010 until June 2013 when it closed. In between I accepted writing, transcription and design projects. Fast forward to now, with more than five years of experience under my belt – I am finally confident of the skills I have acquired during my stint from working from home. Life doesn’t work out the way you originally planned sometimes – yes, that’s true, but you always have the choice how to deal with it.


I love what I do. My work reflects that.
I make it a point to not work for my clients. I work with my clients.
When you hire me, I make sure to understand your business – your vision, mission and goals – so that I can work seamlessly with you to reach your end goals. My aim is to provide you with more than just service – I make sure I add my value to the table. I make it a point to not work for my clients. I work with my clients.

Copywriting & Editing

Make no mistake about it. Content is king.

Your web site is an investment. Your blog is an inbound marketing tool. Make it count. Invest on content. Whether it’s to establish your unique brand online or letting your voice be heard, I can help.

No amount of marketing, paid or otherwise, can beat what your business gives to the people. In the world of digital marketing, your business needs to make an impression on the market. And the best way to do that is to let your voice be heard. Let us make it clear and concise. I write from a level that makes content easily understood by people who don’t have a clue on what your products or services offer, making it easier for you to reach your market, introduce your business or educate people. Contact me for my portfolio.

Let me write for you. I can help. 

Aggie was employed by us to research and write blog posts. She was good at researching and finding things to link back to internally and externally. She could write a blog post from a single question, which was very useful. She was always willing to do the work and adjusted based on feedback, which was good. In 6 months she wrote ~480 blog posts so the sheer volume of her work was an achievement in and of itself. I would recommend Aggie to anyone needing a researcher or writer for products or service-based industries.

Erich Stauffer

Digital Marketer, www.erichstauffer.com

Project Management

Let’s establish a workflow system for your administration.

If you don’t know how to start organizing your business, let me set up a system that works for you – one that works long after I am done working with you. Procedures, workflow system, charting, tiering – I will make your business function efficiently within the four walls of your computer.

Creative Services

I have an eye for design.

This is a value-added service I can bring to the table. I have made layouts, posters, brochures and simple logo designs for clients.

Virtual Assistance

Consider it handled.

Yes, I took that out from one of my favorite TV series, Scandal.

I see virtual assistance as not just administrative work. I see it as being always one step ahead of my client, anticipating what he needs, what the business needs and making it happen before my client even asks for it. I have done a lot of project management over the years, coordinating with people from various industries in behalf and for my clients. I get the job done. And when you trust your backend operations with me, you are free to focus on the core needs of your business to make it a success.

  • Copywriting/editing/proofwriting 100% 100%
  • Blog posts, articles, e-books 100% 100%
  • Developing course programs 100% 100%
  • Newsletters 100% 100%
  • Customer support 100% 100%
  • E-mail management 100% 100%
  • Social media management 100% 100%
  • Graphic design work – web site layouts, headers, logos, print layouts – albums, posters 100% 100%

Interested to Work with Me?

Contact me for a detailed list of what I can offer.