Welcome me back.

Or maybe I should be the one welcoming me back.

I have read somewhere that a blogger has a five-year journey before he experiences a burnout. I started blogging in 2003 but really got into the groove in 2008. By 2012, the signs of a burnout were beginning to emerge. I knew it was happening but I tried to fight it. By 2013, I didn’t want any of it anymore. So stopped, except when I needed to blog for money.

What happened?

The whole “how personal is personal?” got to me. And admittedly, the money-making hoopla in blogging. I’d say I was busy living real life and that I don’t have the time to blog anymore. But the truth was, it wasn’t a priority anymore. I didn’t feel the need to stay connected with friends online because they became real-life (offline) friends and we had other ways to communicate already. It was just too much of an effort for me.

Also, social media happened. Twitter and Facebook and Instagram. Oh wow. It got easier to share and document snippets of everyday life (with the help of an app slurping all status updates and collecting them). Why would I still blog, I told myself? I can micro-blog with Twitter, share a story on Instagram and even upload a whole album in Facebook! Again, why would I still blog?

What made me come back?

I got into blogging because I wanted to document our stories and I’d like to consider my blog entries between 2007-2010 we golden. Golden, I tell you.

When my dad died last year, I was bursting with memories I wanted to write down. I kept telling myself – write it down, write down, write it down. But I couldn’t. It was (and still) a little too fresh and too close to the surface for me.

So I went into my blog and tried to find memories.

There were so plenty. Of me and my kids. My thoughts. My best pages.

And somehow I asked myself, “Where did I go?” “Where did I spend my time?”

The truth was, last year I also got tired of social media. I still use it – but I have put up a filter on what I share – which was so high I ended up sharing close to nothing but trivial things.

Where was my heart in those updates? Probably nowhere near those updates.

I wanted to keep it real again. Don’t get me wrong. My days of being a mama to an adorable toddler with so many quotable quotes is long gone. I’ve been married close to a decade so my romantic view on happily ever after maybe tainted (but still very real). I know no longer blog for money (which would have the most profound effect on this blog). I am now serious with work (I’ve always been working hard but now I realize, thanks to a wonderful support group for moms, I need to market myself better). My creative process has changed to adapt to my lifestyle.

In short, I am no longer the same Aggie as before.

New Me

When I decided that I will start blogging intentionally again, I debated between revamping my old site and this one. My old blog was the core of my past Aggie version before but I felt that I cannot move forward and present myself if I am using a web site address that sits on a sub-domain.

So I ended up choosing www.aggietha.com.

This was perfect because prior to launching this, I wrote down clear goals what I wanted to blog about, and creative projects topped the list. The username has been associated with all my scrapbooking galleries and well – it’s just really me. I never thought of registering my full name – I still wanted a personal, close-to-my-heart site.

So what will you expect to see in my new site?

Plenty of things, I hope.  As I’ve written in my about page:

In this blog, I will share my thoughts about family, motherhood, womanhood, working from home, creating goals and being productive. I will also share my creative pursuits and hopefully inspire you to write your own story – if not to share with me, but for you, those who love you and those who want to know you.

So that’s what I will do. That’s my commitment.

The blog is still a bit wonky – up until I slowly integrate and make past posts working and searchable. Until then, I’ll just write more stories for you to come back to.

Welcome me back. 
Hello October.

Aggie Aviso