The picture says it all.

I need to remind myself these days why I do what I do, record memories – preserve them creatively. The memories might be for the kids but the creative outlet and release is all mine. I haven’t had a scrapbook page in almost two months, and that’s the longest time I ever had gone without a page since 2005. I am slowly trying to ease my way back into it, going over my albums, looking at them with new eyes – to find out what works for ME (my creative outlet) and what is important for my family to know vs. what I want them to remember. I maybe complicating things, but since I’ve been doing this for years, it’s time for an upgrade/evaluation :P.

P.S: I am now on the month of September for my Instagram 2011 album. I love how it is going to be my year in review – with all those pictures and trail cameras!

Aggie Aviso