Whether you’re an illustrator, artist, writer, musician, or something else entirely, you have likely had plenty of fights with your muse in the past. Creative work doesn’t simply come to us. Not only do we have to work at our form constantly, but we also often have to find inspiration for ourselves. So, where’s a good place to get some of that?

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Don’t underestimate the role of your environment

If you’re doing creative work, then you need a creative office. A bad workplace can slowly kill you, and a lack of engagement and motivation can kill your drive to create, as well. Surround yourself with bright, engaging colors or a cozy environment that allows you to effectively relax and free that artistic side. It’s a good idea to surround yourself with the wall art, trinkets, and whatever else inspires you, too.

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Get a healthy diet of media

Whatever you’re working on, it’s a good idea to not only consume the work of other artists in the medium. It’s a good idea to consume art in all of its forms. The inspiration for a book can easily come out of a movie, and inspiration for a song from a book. A decent cable TV provider and a good package of channels is a must have, as is a full bookcase. Become a voracious consumer of media, stories, and art across all platforms. It’s a good idea to try and break down and analyze the art you consume as well, so you can better learn how to play with elements of style and narrative.

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Become fans of other creatives

A good way to help with that analysis and inspection of art and media is to learn from those people who make it. There is a wide range of creative blogs worth following. Many of them not only share great creative works but insights from and interviews with creators. Finding that one creator who nails precisely what your aesthetic or narrative style can feel like a revelation, but it’s likely that there are plenty more out there you simply haven’t discovered yet.

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Become friends with other creatives

The conversation doesn’t always have to be one-sided, either. The best thing about the internet is how it makes communicating with just about anyone easier. There are a few artistic online communities that can help you get involved with the discussion. Not only can you engage with others, but many of them allow you to share your work, which means you can get feedback that allows you to even further improve and explore the ideas that inspire you. Working entirely alone is never good for a creative. A different viewpoint can really help you grow.

What inspires you is different from person to person. Some people get their inspiration by people watching while others get it from reading old journal or diary entries, and others still get it by travelling. The fact remains that working to find it is important. You’re not going to get out of a writer’s block by sitting there, doing nothing but stewing.

Aggie Aviso