Perhaps you’ve moved into a new home or maybe you’re just starting to get the feeling that your home doesn’t really fit you. Everyone deserves to have a home that is little but a big part of them. It can take time and money to really make it your own, but when you have a place that you can feel truly at peace in, then it’s all worth it. Here’s how you turn just about any house into a real home of your own.


The needs

The first thing you need to think about is the real, physical and most likely permanent changes you’re going to want to make. For instance, if you a whole new kitchen with that new material look or you want a bathroom that offers a little more space, you might want to think about renovations to make those big priority decisions before your wants get in the way by not taking into account the demands and dimensions of the rooms after they’ve had their work done to them. If you need more room in general, then you should look into whether you can convert the loft, basement, or garage. You can see if you have yard space that you can get permission to build an extension into.

The wants

Most of the wants are style changes that can be put together all too easily. When it comes to those wants, however, you need to take into account how they’re going to affect each room. For instance, you might have ideas for a certain darker colour scheme, only to find that the smaller size and minimal light the room means that the room is soon dominated by shadow. If you’re having trouble making decisions regarding the style, there’s plenty of inspiration to be found online. Rather than salespeople and the sites that create and distribute different fixtures for the home, you should look at reviews and opinions online that offer the opinion of people who have actually chosen that colour or that sofa for their home.

The little bit of you

If you really want a home that feels like your own, then you think about putting a bit more of your own life and personality in it. For instance, think about giving your hobbies a little more pride of place. Love music? Then hanging a guitar on the wall can make a good focal point for a room, or you can make a tasteful wall display of some of your all-time favourite record covers. Photos of friends and family should be given a place, too, so that the rooms you spend the most time in reflect aspects of your life that can give you the warm feeling inside that the home might be lacking right now.

You need to put together a list of all the things you really want in a home and see what you can action now and what might take a little more saving and time. Most of the time, it’s a lot easier and cheaper to take the time transforming your house than to move into a whole new place.

Aggie Aviso