Success, as you’ve probably discovered through experience, can be horribly fickle. You have personal goals in mind, you know they’re possible to achieve, and yet every time you try to accomplish them, something holds you back. For many people, getting to the root of the obstacles between their current situation and where they want to be is the most important step to success. Here are some common issues that may be holding you back…

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You’re Always Comparing Yourself to Others

Whether it’s getting a business off the ground, learning a new skill, or surmounting any other challenge, many people tend to look at their idols much farther down the road from them, and expect the results they achieve to be similar to theirs today, or maybe even yesterday! Since you haven’t experienced the same challenges and struggles as them, and the little steps towards improvement that they made every day, it’s easy to assume that these never actually existed. Try to stop comparing yourself to others, and instead, compare where you are now to where you were. If you’re making progress towards your goals, you’ve already got that under your belt!

You’re Waiting for the Perfect Moment

If you find yourself putting work off because you’re waiting for the right moment, this could also be a major barrier holding you back from success. Whether it’s the economy improving before you go for your dream job or the sun coming out before you go for a jog, the inconvenient truth of the matter is that the perfect moment never comes. The right time is now, so stop procrastinating! One of the big things that separates successful people from the rest is that successes work towards their targets, whether they’re happy about doing it or not.

You’re Doing It Alone

Yes, there are many goals which can be achieved by yourself, and some that have to be achieved by yourself. However, there are many instances where outside help can mean the difference between success and failure, and it’s important to keep this in mind as you press towards your goals. You might see getting support as a sign of weakness, but sometimes we need to swallow our pride! Networking with people more experienced than you, or even reading a self-help blog like Self Development Secrets, can be enough to lift you out of your productivity rut instantly.

You Fake Being Busy

Being fake busy is a particularly big problem with creatives. An aspiring novelist can read and tell themselves that they’re busy getting inspiration, and a musician can listen to their favourite artists. While studying the work of others in whatever niche you’re pursuing is certainly important, there’s a time and a place for this. If you’re doing a lot more “research” than actual work, then it’s fairly likely that you’re really just procrastinating, and pushing your end goals further and further away. Every time you think you’re being productive, take a moment to think about what your current actions are actually achieving. It’s bad enough lying to people, but even worse to lie to yourself!

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