Did you know that law is one of the most competitive businesses to get into? Sure, there are plenty of law degree placements. You might have scored one yourself and even graduated. But in some places, fewer than half of graduates get and keep a position in a law office. After all that investment in your education, you might be feeling more than a little deflated. Don’t panic. There are still plenty of things you can do with a law degree.

Working In An Area Of Law You’re Not Keen On

If you have been lucky enough to get a place with a law firm, you might be working in an area of law you’re not that keen on. You can still drive your law career in the direction you want it to go.

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If you’re interested in corporate or business law, then why not take a master of law online that will steer your career in that direction? From there you can work internally with a global business, or even set up your own law firm. Chances are, your current employer will find out you got your masters and make a better offer to keep you on. Keep studying to open more doors in the legal world.

Changing Directions

It doesn’t take many months studying to realize you really don’t like the subject you’re studying. The trouble is that education is so expensive. Don’t quit and start again. Having a degree in any subject can help you fast track your way up the corporate ladder. Don’t forget, you can’t get a graduate role if you’re not a graduate!

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Most graduate positions don’t specify any particular major. It’s all about the final result. An upper second or a first is most desirable here. You might move into management with a short course of training from an international company. Or you might walk straight into a senior role with almost no relevant work experience. So start getting experience and finish that degree with a bang.

Even More Professional Careers

That law degree you really didn’t want could come in handy for working your way toward many other professional careers. PR and teaching are just two areas where the skills and knowledge you’ve acquired can come in handy. Both will require post graduate study, but this can often be completed on the job, making it relevant and useful.

Human resources is another area where much of your study will apply. There will always need to be legal checks for each recruitment drive and each interview conducted. You might work as an office manager for a healthcare firm, or perhaps you want to work with a media agency. Your knowledge and your ability to research will be essential to these roles.

Don’t ever feel that your studies have been wasted. Law is an incredibly competitive career choice, and many graduates simply don’t want to work the hours that are demanded of them as associates. Take your skills and your studies and drive your career in the direction you want it to go.

Aggie Aviso