A shortage of doctors in the US means that the job market is excellent for those in the medical field. Not just doctors but others such as nurses can benefit from the shortage, seeking out plenty of opportunities, better pay and benefits, and receiving more job offers when looking for work. Here’s how the doctor shortage might help you.

Competitive Doctor Jobs

If you’re a doctor, or thinking of becoming a doctor, the shortage of doctors is an advantage for your career. You should have a wider choice of places to work if you want to look for a new employer, or it could even be a good time to start your own clinic.

Roles in Retail Clinics

Retail clinics are one of the solutions meeting the medical needs that are left unmet by conventional medical services. They usually involve physician assistants and nurse practitioners providing basic care to patients. CVS Health is the leading provider of these types of services.

Chances to Provide Innovative Solutions

If you want to find new ways to offer your medical skills and knowledge, now could be a good time to consider the innovative solutions you could provide. For example, consultations with doctors and nurses via video calls is an increasingly popular way to seek medical advice.

Opportunities in Nursing

The shortage in doctors is also useful for nurses. Nurses with more advanced skills are more in demand, helping to fulfill the gaps that are left by doctors. A Doctor of Nursing Practice can be a useful qualification to have.

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Aggie Aviso