If there is one sector that will always require workers, it’s healthcare. As the global population continues to grow, there is a greater demand on medical professionals. We all need to stay healthy for longer. We might even need to be patched up when things go wrong. Despite doctors being in more demand than ever, the cost of a medical degree means this career path is simply out of reach for most of us.

Getting into a line of work that will always be in demand is still easier than you think, though. Every doctor and surgeon need a team of people behind them to make sure they can perform their duties safely and effectively. While some of these roles, like nursing, require medical degrees, there are hundreds more that don’t. This means they are more accessible and easier to find job openings.

Most healthcare is covered by insurance. This industry alone recruits thousands of people across a wide range of roles. There are administrators, risk calculators, and customer service personnel. One of the most important roles is the one that connects doctors to the insurance policy that pays for their services. This job requires a qualification in healthcare coding to make sure that each claim is correct and meets regulatory requirements. You might work in the doctor’s office or even a hospital. Most importantly, this line of work is in great demand.

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Administration is another in-demand job type. Did you know there are a large number of highly paid careers in this area, particularly in healthcare? Hospital administrators and private practice business administrators are often degree educated. They often make the important or executive decisions in how the business or practice is run. You might find you’re responsible for recruitment, marketing, and even funding awards.

Researchers in health care come from a wide range of academic backgrounds. Aside from tablets and medicines, there is greater and greater need for mobility aids as the population ages. Researching and developing this type of product means you can make an enormous difference to the lives of patients. You might come from a marketing background or even project management. Perhaps you’re really good at inventing gadgets and gizmos and can impress a business with your innovative mind?

The role of medical assistant can be very wide and varied. You might perform reception duties and be trained to make basic assessments on a patient to prioritize their appointment. Medical assistants often assist other medical professionals in treatment care too. This role doesn’t require a first degree, but you can bolster your resume and your skill set with continuing professional development. Of course, if you are considering a medical degree in the future, this type of role could give you some insight. Have a look at the different areas you might be involved with.

Without the hard work and professionalism of so many workers in the healthcare industry, it would be difficult for patients to find help. From janitors to customer services, and medical assistants to coders – there are thousands of jobs and career options. Would you pick a role in healthcare?

Aggie Aviso