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There’s nothing quite like enjoying a wonderful home kitchen. Some people call the kitchen the heart of the home, and it’s hard not to see why that is. Not only is it the place where you’ll prepare food for your children day after day,  but also the place where you might relax and spend some time socializing throughout the day, be that having informal chats with your family members, lazing around and reading a magazine with your morning coffee at your raised dining stool, or running in to grab some refreshments after a hefty workout.

It’s nice, then, to have your kitchen represent your personality and personal sense of wellbeing. Yet figuring out how to achieve this is anything but obvious. What is it that comprises a kitchen’s style and personality, and how can you better cultivate this to your own needs? Those are good questions to ask.

In this post, we hope to answer them while also rendering some worthwhile advice that any home renovator can use. This is especially true if the needs you have of your kitchen have expanded over time. Let’s get started:


The fixtures of a kitchen are important to consider. These are the tools and equipment you will be using in order to help you craft your meals, or enjoy spending time in the kitchen, or that will keep you safe while you’re using it. Of course, it’s very easy to go from basic kitchen fixtures all the way up to enthusiast-level implements that help you focus on certain levels of cuisine. For instance, some people decide to install overhead hoods in their kitchen for the easy ventilation of excess smoke, meaning they can more easily sear steaks and cook other meats at high temperatures without setting off the fire alarms.

Of course, this isn’t necessarily an implementation you’ll opt for. Instead, it can be healthy to figure out what’s important to you. To use an example, some people decide to have their oven and hob unit removed and implement a vintage oil-burning stove, such as those crafted by Aga. These models have the added benefit of serving as a heating agent for your home, as they’re always on 24/7 and require maintenance from time to time to implement well.

Ultimately, the fixtures of your kitchen will define how its decoration and orbiting design implements will be considered and installed. For the best results, utilizing the services of an expert kitchen remodeling contractor can be a massive boon in helping you squeeze the most out of your kitchen environment, making sure no utility is forgotten.


The trimmings of your kitchen are the nice utilitarian elements you install in order to help the space feel uniform and formatted properly. As a kitchen is an environment with much going on and many pieces of equipment being used, it’s important to keep this simple so as to reduce the visual clutter you may otherwise fall into.

To use an example – it’s good to implement well-designed but simply handles for your drawers and cupboards that match around the kitchen. A good trimming would also be the means by which to implement a cabinet door in keeping with your other doors as the exterior element of a dishwasher or small refrigerator, just so your cabinets feel uniform and less of a collection of large kitchen utilities.

Trimmings you install can also be implemented for how you operate as a cook. For instance, a spice rack above a countertop can help you gain quick access to the herbs and spices you need to diversify your cooking, with the rack itself (and its carefully designed presence) serving as a beautiful trimming element for that part of your kitchen area. It’s fine to get a little bit indulgent here (such as placing a fresh herb garden on your windowsill, or an wire-frame chicken-shaped egg basket rather than keeping the egg cartons on the surface of your kitchen), but ultimately, we’d recommend going for appropriate simplicity.


The theming of your kitchen involves all the little design elements you enjoy that may not have as much of an impact on functionality, but are nice to use. For instance, a granite or marble countertop may seem totally different in terms of styling, but they fulfill pretty much the same purpose despite one being more valuable than the other.

The theming can also involve what color you paint your cabinets, the style of flooring you have in your kitchen space, if you allow for stools to sit at the small breakfast bar of your kitchen area, and more. Theming is where you have the most creative freedom, because there’s no real conversation around theming having to cook you a meal. 

Although remember, it’s very easy to have a kitchen that might look great but doesn’t function as well as you want it to, and vice versa. A healthy balance is needed. Looking in style guides, conferring with a kitchen remodeler, or simply going for your natural tastes can all serve as a massive help when defining how to move forward and how to decorate your space. Again, however, make sure to go for appropriate simplicity, because an overbearing visual style can take away from how open and calming the kitchen is to occupy.


The flooring of your kitchen space might not have much to offer in the way of helping you cook a meal, but it defines the visual impact of your kitchen most of all. For instance, carpet is best uprooted just to prevent stains from dropped food and other kitchen activity.

Tiles can be popular, but large tiles that have a good visual theming are most important. Laminate wood can help, but make sure the chances of someone slipping while cooking are limited by opting for the proper designs. In that light, you’ll have perfected the visual impact of your home.

With this advice, the style of your kitchen is sure to be well-measured, while also never ignoring the utility you need as a home cook.

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