Everyone has a dream job, but not everyone gets to live the dream. Some people get close and nail down what their ideal job would be, and some even think about making a change. For the most part, though, too many people stick to what they know and continue down the traditional career path. Although it might pay the bills, it doesn’t make life fulfilling. And when life isn’t fulfilling, it can be pretty awful. What you need is to take the plunge and dive head first into the deep end. After all, only when you have given it everything will you know a particular career path isn’t the one.

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For those of you that want to make a change, you’ve come to the right place. Here at www.aggietha.com, we don’t focus on the tried and tested – we prefer the weird and wonderful. These are the strange tips that might be the difference between your current job and your dream job.

Apply For The Unlisted

The unknown jobs are the most in demand jobs because they are the best ones. And, it is because of their demand that employers don’t like to make them public. There is no need to list them as there will be an influx of candidates, and they are the candidates they want to hear from. You, therefore, have to be one of these people, and you can be if you have the proper contacts. Friends and acquaintances who work at other businesses are an invaluable source of information. They know everything that will happen before it happens, and they can keep you in the loop. The secret is to make as many friends as possible and keep them happy. By doing a peer a favor, they will owe you a favor in the future, one that could change your life.

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Rely On Skills

As daft as it sounds, there is a myth that skills don’t always win. Well, you should know that skills always pay the bills because firms need results. Sure, sometimes they go for people with charm and likeability, but only because that adds to their aura. For the most part, they are also capable and talented workers that will add value to the company. With that in mind, it’s essential that you try and improve your skill set at every opportunity by reading great books and taking extra courses. Knowledge is the key to success, which is why you should never stop learning.

Don’t Rely On Resume

Employees put a lot of emphasis on their resume because they think it’s the difference between success and failure. In a lot of ways, this is true, but only because resumes are all the same. The ones that stand out do make a difference, but it is hard to create such a document. For obvious reasons, it’s imperative that you try. An awesome tip is to tailor a CV for the type of job, that way you can fill it with personality and character. Not to mention, certain credentials won’t relate to particular jobs. Apart from one sheet of paper, you should also show them a variety of documents. A portfolio is an excellent way to impress because it shows them what you can do instead of telling them and hoping they agree. A final note: make the resume and portfolio available to view on job websites.

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Forget About Money

Without sounding too new age, you shouldn’t chase money because it will find you. The key to securing a dream job is to focus on the job itself. Otherwise, you will end up in a profession that you hate, much like your last job. In the beginning, it should be about fulfillment and job satisfaction as much as anything else. Okay, you will need enough to pay the bills, but most roles do this without breaking into a sweat. After a while, the money and the power will fall into your lap, and you still love your job. All you have to do is take a look at people like Bill Gates to realize this is a fact. Gates is a billionaire that never sold out and followed his passion. Oh, and he’s also the richest man on the planet.

Everything in this post seems as if it goes against conventional wisdom, and it does. But, because it doesn’t conform doesn’t mean it is wrong. In many ways, the fact that it is different is the reason it will work because employees love creative, original types.

Aggie Aviso