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If your home is too cold already and you are starting to consider how best to stay cozy indoors or optimize your energy efficiency, a few key preparations can make a massive difference in your home. So if you’re looking to get your space winter-ready, let’s show you some of the most essential tasks.

Checking Your Boiler and Heating

If your home needs heat repairs, it’s best to check before the frost sets in. Scheduling a professional boiler service will ensure the heating is in prime condition. A professional will inspect for leaks, ensure the boiler has proper pressure, and listen out for any unusual noises. There is nothing worse than having to get the boiler fixed in the bleak midwinter when it’s shut off overnight and everybody wakes up freezing. This should always be priority number one because if your boiler is at its optimum, you will all be that much more comfortable.

Keeping the Cold Out  

There are a number of approaches that we should all take. Effective insulation is absolutely critical, not just for keeping warm during the winter, but also reducing our energy costs. Head up to the loft and conduct an inspection to see if the insulation is intact. You should also look around the property to address any gaps, leaks, or worn-out insulation. Check around the walls and around doors and windows and you will be able to curb heat loss where it counts. If you have any drafts around the doors or ceiling, these gaps can make a massive impact. Something as simple as draft stoppers for your doors will prevent the cold air from seeping in so you can keep the warmth in the home while reducing your energy costs.

Protecting Your Piping

Insulating exposed pipes in areas like crawl spaces, attics, basements, and anywhere else that is unheated is vital to preventing bursting. Frozen water expands which will cause major problems to your piping. 

Clearing Your Gutters 

Ensuring the gutters are clear will avoid blockages that could lead to water damage or ice dams. We should always guarantee a free flow of water away from our property because this will prevent any structural issues and will guarantee a better sense of protection during winter storms. There are always gutter-clearing services that can ensure your roof is ready for winter. Many people clear the gutters themselves, however, if you need the right length ladder or heights aren’t your thing, a professional will give you peace of mind. 

Chimney Maintenance

If you have a wood-burning stove or a fireplace you must conduct a chimney inspection prior to the flurry of winter. Removing any blockages or soot and ensuring the chimney is clean and in good condition will prevent any potential fire hazards.

Getting an Emergency Kit Ready

An emergency kit is often low on the list of priorities, but if you are not prepared for unexpected power outages or major weather issues, a small emergency kit with essentials like blankets, non-perishable food, a first aid kit, and flashlights will make all of the difference. 

Preparing your home for winter is about being proactive. Embracing some or all of these preparations will ensure you can weather the storm.

Aggie Aviso