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All children want to soar. They want to be truly great at something, just like most of us adults want to do well and achieve our dreams. They might be small, but they have big ambitions, and as their parents, it is up to us to nurture their ambitions, foster their talents and ensure that they get to be all they can be.

With that in mind, here are a few simple things you can do to nurture your child’s talent, whatever it might be…

Encourage them to Read Often

It’s such a simple thing, but reading can expand children’s horizons and open up new possibilities to them. It can also provide them with the information they need to better themselves and improve their talents. It makes sense, then to encourage them to read as much and as often, oh and as broadly too, as you possibly can. Take them to the library every weekend and let them choose their own books, allow them to surf the next (supervised) to find info on their favorite hobbies and read with them and they will slowly start to fly.

Let them Try New Things

Some children’s talents are not immediately recognizable to either them or you, which is why, if you’re serious about nurturing their talents, you should let them try out lots of hobbies and extracurriculars until they find something that they really love and which they can do quite well. I know it can be good to have children stick with activities even when they may not want to in order to teach them about seeing through their actions, but sometimes, you just have to let them move on so they can be who they really are and reach their true potential.

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Send them to Specialist Schools or Camps

If you notice that your child has a real talent for singing, for example, and he expresses an interest in pursuing that further, sending him to a specialist music school or summer camp is a great way to help him along that path by increasing his skills and expertize and putting him in contact with others who have a similar desire. Obviously, you’ll want your child to have a rounded education, but schools that place more emphasis on particular talents will give your child a full education, just with more of what they’re good at!

Support Them

Supporting your child is probably the most important thing you can do if you want to see them soar as they get older. This might mean making a few financial sacrifices so that they can attend art camp or doing a little more driving to get them to band practices or events, but they will appreciate it very much and you will be the proudest mama in the land when all of your hard work and sacrifices, and theirs pays off and your child goes on to do amazing things. There really can be no better feeling than seeing your child excel in something they love!

Most of all, just love them!

Aggie Aviso