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When you become a mom, it can seem like that is your whole job. For many, it is – we are now seeing more stay-at-home parents than since the mid-20th Century, and we are putting children before our careers in the majority of cases. With that said, it’s not taking into account the amount of parents that are making money either from having their children (i.e. using experiences to put towards a Mommyblog or hosting childcare groups that their own kids can be a part of) or working from home throughout the day whilst still taking care of their child. Even so, there are some tricks that we are missing out on here – what can we learn from being parents that can go towards careers when we get our lives back on track?


We fill many roles when we are parents, but the main one that helps our children to flourish is that of a teacher. We help them learn so many things; so why not put this into practice in a paid career? There are so many teaching jobs out there that are begging to be be filled, and so many schools which are crying out for good, inspiring teachers. If you know that you have the patience, determination and the ability to help give a child a good start in life, consider doing a qualification that will get you there – even if it’s for a teaching assistant rather than a fully-fledged teacher. The classroom experience will all count for if and when you want to take it further.

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There is no time more than when you are a parent that you will learn what real empathy is. It’s something that money can’t buy, and you need to be able to have a great deal of it when you are in the nursing profession. Most nurses that you meet on a ward will tell you that it’s something that they decided to pick up after having children – the need to help people is a trait that is innate within you when you become a mother. It’s strange, but so true. Putting this into good use by taking up a caring profession is one that will benefit you and your family for the rest of your life. The hours can be long and hard, but when you take into consideration the feeling of giving back and helping others, that’s what sticks out and counts rather than anything else.

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Independent Business

It may be that you have had an idea prompted by the time sat alone on night feeds, or something that your child has done or said, or even noticing that life would be so much easier if only you had X in your life. All of these things trigger parents to start up their own businesses, gather up the information that they need for their own patents and generally go forth and try and make it on their own. Mostly, they succeed – there’s a determination that comes once you introduce another little life into your own, and so now’s the time to act on it.

Aggie Aviso