Every house is a blank canvas that’s begging to be turned into a unique and stylish home. That style comes from you, the owner, and usually reflects your tastes and your personality. There are plenty of different ways to build and design the style you want. One of the easiest ways to make a house into your home is to use color and imagery that represents your moods and your passions in life.

Color can help to restore calm after a tough day at work. It can warm you, cool you, and even reflect your personality. This is why there are hundreds of different colors of paint for your walls. And there are hundreds of different shades of color found in wallpaper too. Developing your own unique style usually involves a full-color palette. That is the base color plus all the preferred shades and tones of the same. Many of us love mixing it up with a secondary color too. You can also consider color outdoors in your garden or your house exterior.

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Matching your colors is important so that your styling looks considered and developed. But you don’t need the matched color to be the main part of what you’re matching it to. This is why wall art and full-color photography are so useful. So long as the color is in there somewhere, it should work. It can sometimes be tricky to exactly match a particular tone though.

Don’t forget that your floors and sofas and furniture aren’t likely to feature that base color at all. Instead, they need to fit in the right side of the colour wheel to complement the brighter colors you’re working with. This is why it’s best to start with what you have, then find the color you want to use for your palette. It saves you having to buy all new flooring and furniture!

Contemporary patterns and wall art styles work really well when you’re working with color. Not only are they full of choice, but they draw the eye. You could easily make a feature of them. This is why landscape images like Samuel Burns photography are ideal. They offer a splash of color that might easily complement your palette and provide something to draw the eye as a focus in the room.

Many people like to place portrait photos from a studio session on the wall as well. Have you noticed that these are often printed in muted colors or black and white? Add a vibrant colored frame to match your palette, and suddenly everything works perfectly together. It looks stylish and intentional. A perfect way to dress your wall.

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Should you use light to highlight different features in the room? Absolutely. Light isn’t just practical. You might direct it to the chair where you sit and read. But you can also use it to light your wall art, your feature wall, or a piece of furniture. Light does marvellous things to your colors. The addition of highlights and shade can bring it to life and add a new depth to your palette. How will you color your home?

Aggie Aviso