So you want to be an actor? What an exciting and interesting career choice. As you may already know, it’s not an easy career to succeed in and is an extremely tough industry. That being said, if you have the determination and drive to achieve your dreams, who knows what is possible? Find out more about landing your dream career as an actor by following the tips below.

Image: Pixabay

Decide what kind of actor you want to be

Becoming an actor may sound like a straightforward career aim, but there are many different types of acting you could go into. Perhaps you’d like to act within your local community, do traveling theatre or go all the way to Hollywood? Establishing your goal will give you something to aim for and help you to work out how to get there.


If you were going to become a doctor, you would study medicine. Lawyer, law. Acting should be no different, and you should seek to learn the craft. An acting course or series of workshops can help teach you the fundamentals of acting as well as other skills such as how to audition, how to behave on set and so on. Most successful actors will have had some training in their lives, and many colleges offer acting courses if you want to enjoy the college experience too. You can get some great advice on getting into college here if that’s something you’d like to pursue. There are also short courses available if you’d like to hone your skills quickly or focus on certain elements of acting.

Audition as much as you can

Think of auditioning as making job applications; you’ll need to go for as many as you can and hopefully some of your efforts will pay off. Sign up to receive alerts about upcoming auditions or check out websites like Auditions HQ – Acting Jobs & Casting Calls for details of what’s coming up. You may need to find other forms of work while you’re auditioning, so choose something that is flexible to enable you to attend auditions where required.

Get experience

Just as you would for any other job role, you should try to get as much experience as possible to make an impression. Volunteering for community theatre or seeking extra work can help you to get your name out there and get some vital experience under your belt. To land an agent you’ll need to demonstrate that you have some experience, so make sure that you fill up your resume. Taking part in talent showcases is a great way to get noticed and could help you find your big break.

Be determined

Acting can be a tough career to succeed in, but if you have the determination, there’s no reason why you can’t make it. Be prepared to face times where you want to give up or feel that you’ll never get a job, but if you push through and remind yourself of what your goals are you’ll be able to make it through the hard times. Market yourself and explore all the available avenues to help you stand out and get the job of your dreams.

Getting into acting can be tough, but it can be an extremely rewarding and diverse career if you succeed. Make sure you’re up to the challenge and good luck in your search for landing your dream career.


Aggie Aviso