The home is the heart of our lives and we come home each day to relax, spend time with family, and enjoy ourselves. When it comes to being at home in the winter one thing we want to be is warm and cosy – and every home should feel safe and warm during the harsher months of the year. 

Today we want to help you do some simple things that will make your home warmer throughout the winter by upgrading your heating to the max. Stay toasty and warm all winter long with these tips. 

Get a boiler checkup 

It is important for you to get a boiler checkup every few years to make sure that it is running smoothly and up to capacity. A boiler service is a crucial step in your winter house prep because the last thing you want to happen is for the boiler to break during your Christmas celebration period. Be sure to get a boiler checkup before Christmas to keep your home safe and warm. 

Install a furnace 

If you want to make a splash in your home interior and add a fun feature to the space, considering furnace installation is a great idea. Imagine how cosy your home would be if you had a furnace to burn wood in during those cold nights. A furnace or even a log burner can be a brilliant home feature and will help you to keep the house warm without spending too much money. 

Upgrade the radiators 

Now and again your radiators need an upgrade. Radiators are one of those features of the house that are usually forgotten about and taken for granted but they perform an important role in your home. This Christmas it is a good idea to consider upgrading a few of the radiators in your home to either save space, add a large surface area for heat, or to simply upgrade the style. Your radiators will provide heat to the home and they will also be a fun feature to play with. You can even paint your radiator if you want! 

Ensure proper insulation 

When trying to keep your house warm and cosy it is more important than ever for you to insulate the house properly. Make sure during the winter that your walls have insulation and consider roof insulation as well as floor insulation to keep that heat locked in. You will spend much less money on your heating bill as a result and you will also be able to stay toasty and warm every day. 

Add layers 

When trying to keep a house warm during the winter it is important for you to consider using layers of fabric to make your bed and sofa more warm and cosy. For example, a thicker bedding set or a lovely warm throw can be the perfect way to keep the room warm and add that extra layer of cosiness to your home. Lighting candles is also a great idea and will keep the house warm without spending a lot of money.

Aggie Aviso