We tend to first learn where our skill set lies when we are still at school. In many cases, it can be when we are as young as kindergarten age, and you might notice it in your own children. Some of us have a natural way with maths and numbers. Others love being at the centre of attention and excel in drama and theatre. Then there are some of us who love nothing more than sitting quietly in a corner, working on a piece of art. It was once thought that creative skills such as this were not suitable to build a career upon – but nowadays, things couldn’t be more different. The creative industries are booming and more and more people are investing both time and money in them. If you have a creative streak and are desperate to get out of your dead-end job, why not see if you could actually turn your passion into your career?


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Okay, so everyone knows that it’s incredibly difficult to make any kind of money from music. Times are hard on upcoming new artists – many bands tour for years on little money without getting anywhere, whilst stars are born from just one season of a TV talent show. But, there are still ways to break into the industry without going down the TV route, if you are willing to expand your horizons a little. A lot of musicians break even on their tours – which isn’t ideal, but if you can save up enough money and plan to see you through, touring is the best way to gain exposure. Build a strong brand on social media and approach other bands and record companies about the possibility of touring with them. Supporting a larger band on their tour is a great way to get your name out there and earn some money whilst you’re at it.


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Interior designer

Many people who are naturally talented at art end up going down the route of interior design. If you are passionate about creating beautiful homes, there really is no better career choice. But as with every creative industry, there is no one clear route to achieving your dream. You can gain qualifications in interior design from college, and this may help you get a foot in the door as well as gaining valuable work experience. But the most important thing is to build up a portfolio of your work. Offer to design items for free as you are starting out – it might be a pain initially but it will get your name circulating. When the time comes for you to start making money, here is the list recommended interior design jobs. Pitching to bars, restaurants, gyms and any other corporate spaces is also a good way to seal a paid job.


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Love nothing more than creating moving image? You might dream of being a film director one day, working on some huge projects. But in the meantime, being a videographer can be a fun way to turn your passion into a day job. The workflow isn’t regular and you may find yourself in between jobs for a few weeks at a time – but thankfully, it can pay reasonably well. As above, offer to film some short promotional videos for free – such as for charities or local services. Build a professional online portfolio and pretty soon you are soon to find clients flooding in.

Aggie Aviso