Remodeling your master bedroom can give you a new lease on life! Your bedroom should be your sanctuary, a peaceful place where you can relax and unwind from the stresses of your day. With a little effort and creative planning, you can turn your bedroom into a tranquil retreat.

Updating your master bedroom can create a personal retreat with relaxing atmosphere and stunning style. Not only will it update your home’s overall appearance, it will also boost your home’s property value. Whether you just want to change your bedroom’s color scheme or create a fresh, new look with furniture and accessories, you can create a bedroom that’s restful and beautiful.

Relaxing Color Scheme

Since your bedroom is where you sleep, you need to create an environment that feels relaxing and tranquil. If you want to repaint, consider cool color shades like sky blue, mint green, lilac or lavender for the walls, but leave the ceiling white or ivory. If you prefer darker shades, try navy, emerald or purple, then accent the room with lighter linens and accessories. Choose bed linens, cushions, lamps and artwork that complement your paint color. Avoid bright or strong warm colors in shades of red, orange and yellow. They stimulate the visual and emotional senses.

Soft Lighting

To create a bedroom that feels peaceful and relaxing, you need to use soft lighting in the room. For general lighting, choose a chandelier with candle-type bulbs or recessed lighting that you can put on a dimmer. For decorative fixtures, choose table lamps, floor lamps or pendants in a style that enhances the style of your furniture and bedding, but keep the lighting soft by using soft white bulbs. Avoid LED and fluorescent lighting in the bedroom. LED lighting is very bright and very white, and fluorescent lighting has a blue-green cast that is very unflattering to skin tones.

Soothing Accessories

Fill your bedroom with accessories that enhance a relaxing atmosphere. Beautiful candles, scented or unscented, are a great touch for creating a tranquil setting. Plants add freshness, natural elements, and soft textures. They can also be highlighted with soft up-lights or down-lights for dramatic effects. For the ultimate tranquil retreat, consider a small, self-contained fountain that creates soothing water sounds for a Zen-like ambiance. For more bedroom renovation ideas, talk to a contractor in your area to get your free quote now.

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