For those of you who are not familiar with scrapbooking, there is what we call traditional scrapbooking, where scrapbookers use paper and the usual stuff you see in traditional scrapbooks. There is also digital scrapbooking, the kind that I do, where everything is done digitally, with the help of a computer software. Both of them can get quite expensive, with expensive supplies like paper and paper flowers for traditional scrapbooking  and digital scrapbooking banking on equipment – you need a fast and heavy duty computer that can run on numerous layers of Adobe Photoshop. You would also need a large hard drive because digital scrapbooking kits take up a lot of bytes (space). The third kind, one which I have been longing to try, is a mix of the traditional and the digital, and we call it hybrid scrapbooking.

Hybrid scrapbooking is digital papers printed out and embellished with scrapbooking elements like ribbons and flowers. I love seeing projects from my computer come to life, but you need to invest on a good printer and it can take a lot of ink.

imageYou might need to order several replacement printer cartridges and have them in stock, because nothing is more frustrating than having to stop a project for awhile because you ran out of ink. You can get your supply of printer ink cartridges at Printer-Cartridges.com. They carry all types of ink for all brands of printer and even offer replacement or refill kits. You also can bring your printer cartridge so you can be sure what type of ink refill kit you would need to order.

Aggie Aviso