Outside my window…  cloudy skies, rain, wind = perfect bed weather except 1) I don’t have anybody to cuddle with right now and 2) I need to work

I am thinking… if 1) my husband went ahead with his delivery to the city 2) my son has eaten and 3) my daughter is enjoying school. My mind is obviously somewhere else and not where it is supposed to be.

I am thankful for… Viber and iMessages lately. It has helped me tremendously when I need some girlfriend talk time.

From the kitchen…  Macaroni I made by myself. No maid in the house.

I am wearing… . Grey leggings and an turquoise shirt.

I am creating…  Cobwebs of problems that aren’t happening in my head. I need to relax a little.

I am reading… Kristin Hannah’s between sisters. I am also trying to read more about the details of Double Bass at WWBW instruments. My friend’s son is joining the camp band in school and she needs to buy her son the instrument soon.

I am hoping… Everything will turn alright in the end soon.

Around the house… It’s just me most of the day these days. The husband comes home to lunch.

One of my favorite things…

A few plans for the rest of the week… Pick up Mato from school. Bond over the weekend. Celebrate anniversary.

A picture I love: my Imac 🙂

I love you Dad:
Love my Dad. #latergram (Father's Day lunch)

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