today meme

Outside my window…it is definitely hot. I am thankful for the clouds and the wind though. Thank you for the trees!

Better. We have clouds and wind. Thank you for the trees. (Still hot tho')

I am thinking…of the numerous things on my to-do list lately. I need to find the time, MAKE the time to accomplish it.

I am thankful for…the numerous blessings we have been receiving lately. Times maybe tough and life maybe rough right now but there is always that silver lining when I look at clouds.

From the kitchen… Roasted chicken and sauteed vegetables. Add mangoes in the mix too!

I am wearing… my Christmas PJs and a faded ON shirt.

I am creating… nothing unfortunately.

I am reading… I just finished the Silver Linings Playbook book. So awesome. I plan to read Kristin Hannah next or a Paulo Coehlo book.

I am hoping… that I can source some funds to finally enroll the kids and throw my daughter a birthday party. I have hope!

Around the house… the Kuya is home after more than a week of being away for NSPC. Martha is with her Lola and Tita, watching practice for a musical called Mama Diva.

One of my favorite things… is the Nike+ and MyFitnessPal apps on my iPhone. It has allowed me to track calories and run!

A few plans for the rest of the week… Watch Mama Diva, schedule dental and eye check-ups for the Big Brother, go back to pedia, ask for HS enrollment procedures. Order for Martha’s party. Check Iolo virus scanner on other laptop.

A picture I love:
This kid. WOW.
This kid won the Nationals.

This kid. Wow. He won nationals!! #soblessed #icingonthecake #proudmomma

Aggie Aviso