Outside my window…the sun is finally out – after almost two weeks of non-stop rains and four typhoons! Thank You Big Guy Up There! (Need to prepare the compost bin ready for falling leaves)

I am thinking…whether or not I should buy something or not. Fickle-minded.

I am thankful for…continuous work pouring in, generous friends, loving family, stress-free conditions at home.

From the kitchen…I am thinking of baking butterscotch brownies (White King) again. But I need to start eating healthy again. NEED.

I am wearing…leggings and a stained shirt.

I am creating…lists and lists and lists.

I am going…out with friends on Friday! Yeeeeeeeeey!

I am reading…nothing, unfortunately.

I am hoping…to getting fully paid this week. And I am hoping that I receive more work.

I am hearing…Grey’s from my iMac and the Biggest Loser XBox game in the background.

Around the house…It’s a mess. We have yet to clean as the husband is still working out – we have a very small house, obviously.

One of my favorite things…new favorite things – bags, lipsticks and a watch given by a very generous (best) friend.

A few plans for the rest of the week:
Finish work. Go out with friends. Get the new iPhone4. Detox. Buy a juicer. Celebrate feast day this weekend.

A picture I love:

My father-in-law’s 68th birthday:
Happy Birthday Lolo!
A picture I love:

Aggie Aviso