Outside my window…is dark out. I am writing this at 5AM and I am using all of my willpower not to go crawl back into bed and sleep again. (Came down with a bad case of the flu once we landed back in Manila yesterday).

I am thinking…about work, my health, my kids, how incredibly blessed we are right now, the challenge I am willing to step up to and take. And oh, the credit card charges we are going to face next month with all the shopping we made. Ha!

I am thankful for…SO MANY things. The inspiring trip, the opportunity to serve again, how I love serving with my family, how much I love my husband and my kids – at this point, my heart if overflowing with so many good things and I really do not want it to fade away because I get distracted so easily with useless things.

From the kitchen…haven’t had breakfast yet. But I am sure it will be awesome. We are staying at my parents’ place for the weekend.

I am wearing…jammies.

I am creating…nothing. Slowly going to ease into creating again.

I am going…to need a vacation from this vacation. Maybe a vacation by the pool and laying on Adirondack chairs for the rest of the day? *Wishful thinking*

I am reading…journals.

I am hoping…to be well enough to start working normally by Monday! To accomplish this I need to stay in bed!

I am hearing…the electric fan roaring.

Around the house…everybody is sleeping.

One of my favorite things…my iPhone.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Slowly exercise.

A picture I love:
My brothers and sisters-in-law when we were in Singapore.

Aggie Aviso