Outside my window…is fog. It’s sunrise and I am thinking it’s going to be the perfect cuddle weather today.

I am thinking… about work today; I really hope I would not slack off (as I have been doing the past month and a half). I need to get started on the new work that has been graciously given to me, and write an article about Wholesaleinsurance.net.

I am thankful for…my mom and dad taking care of the kids over the weekend because I was sick.

From the kitchen…egg omelette with ham and mushrooms, coffee with caramel syrup a la trying hard macchiato.

I am wearing…shorts and a shirt.

I am creating…absolutely nothing. I need to take it slow, I can’t afford to be sick these days with a trip so near.

I am going…to be waking up the kids in 15 minutes.

I am reading…– more like re-reading, Judith McNaught novels.

I am hoping…For my salary to be delivered this week. —- this was what I was hoping for back in May. Whoa. Talk about being so very delayed!

I am hearing…Glee’s P.Y.T. I miss Mike Chang.

Around the house…the three kids (husband and two babes) are sleeping, our help is cooking breakfast – coffee is at my side.

One of my favorite things…my iMac. I can’t believe it’s close to a year since I had this. Baby – do you want a baby brother? Hahaha!

A few plans for the rest of the week: Slowly exercise. Go on a freaking diet already Aggie.

A picture I love:

Mommy Care Package

Part of the Care Package my mom sent over last Friday!

Aggie Aviso