Outside my window…sun, lots of white clouds, wind – gotta love January weather!

I am thinking…how God’s timing is always perfect, not too early nor too late – always just right on time. Banner Printing is also on my mind.

I am thankful for…our househelp Caren. I wouldn’t be able to work properly if not for her. So thank you, Caren.

From the kitchen…our cupboards are literally empty right now. It is in dire need of supplies. A grocery trip is in order.

I am wearing…leggings and a shirt, both have holes in them.

I am creating…a Day in the Life today. I know that this is a great addition to Project Life this year. I think I will be doing it like Ali – towards the end of the month. This feature gets moved mid-month.

I am going…to the bank, run errands, go to the doctor (I think) and wrap up January, creatively-speaking (organize, back up) and financially speaking (budget time, bills).

I am reading…my goal to read 24 books this year is off to a good start. I have not read a book this month! I will need to focus on that in February (and try not to download anymore movies)

I am hoping…that my mobile provider finally gives my the iPhone5. I received a call a few days ago saying I was prequalified for it, so I wait. It would make a very nice birthday present!

I am hearing…laundry being done.

Around the house…lots of sun coming in through the windows. And air. No need for a fan. Quiet. I love working in the dining room when there is only me awake (and Caren).

One of my favorite things…my iPhone. It’s my mp3, ebook reader, bridge to social media, work messenger and social life in one.

A few plans for the rest of the week…I plan to “plan” February, do some workout with XBox again, try to invite Edil to walk during the morning, start my novena, etc. etc. – It’s going to be February tomorrow! Hello love month!

A picture I love:

Aggie Aviso