Outside my window…everything is pitch black. I am writing this at 11:30 in the evening and we are grateful it is not as hot and humid today – the thunderstorms finally gave way to big rain late in the afternoon.

I am thinking…how to expand my work and my line of business. I am thinking what creative project I want to focus and complete in the next 30 days. I am thinking my husband and I are celebrating seven years of marriage next month! I am thinking many things.

I am thankful for…Divine Providence.

From the kitchen…leftover pizza from Shakey’s + Coke Zero. And yes, I am totally eating them right now while I work. (and watch at the same time).

I am wearing…my Old Navy running shorts, only I have not been really running and a messed up shirt.

I am creating…a masterplan on how to get organized with work and at home (declutter + meal planning).

I am going…to have a busy Friday – Kumon + therapy for Marts in the morning. Paying bills along the way. Updating monthly expenses. Planning blog posts.

I am reading…no books for me this month yet.

I am hoping…the weather gets cooler!

I am hearing…We Bought A Zoo in the background.

Around the house…Edil and I are on the couch, watching We Bought a Zoo (second time for me), kids sleeping.

One of my favorite things…Kate Spade iPhone cases – currently have six!

A few plans for the rest of the week…Kids’ orientation at school, weekends spent in Manila, wrapping kids’ books.

A picture I love:
Martha’s recent birthday celebration @ Club Princess

Aggie Aviso