I can’t believe I missed March! (pho-hoo!) March was an insanely busy month, with us going on last minute trips, dealing with the best cpa network, attending school functions — it was a never ending list.


Outside my window…it is a cloudy day. A bit hot since it is summer, but we are grateful it has not been as hot as the previous days (temperatures shot up to 35C).

I am thinking…of my son lately, and how I can help him in his current stage in life. Puberty is a frightening stage, especially if you cannot explain things. We are so grateful he is so open with us.

I am thankful for…the graces we have received and are receiving that past two months. I will miss it extremely when all goes back to normal next month.

From the kitchen…lemon iced tea – my brekkie.

I am wearing…shirt and ratted leggings.

I am creating…sketches and a masterplan how to get caught up with CT assignments this week.

I am going…to be watching the kids start with their swim class later. I am thinking if I can join them.

I am reading…no books for me this month yet.

I am hoping…I get paid this week (pleeeeease)!

I am hearing…cartoons on TV. Quiet day for the family this morning.

Around the house…I’m in my work table, Marts is watching TV and drawing, Edil is in our room playing with his iPhone, Matthew is in his room reading a book.

One of my favorite things…notebooks and a good Pilot retractable pen!

A few plans for the rest of the week…swim class, Kumon, therapy for Marts, work, pray that I get paid.

A picture I love:
My family, enjoying nature for a change.

My family.

Aggie Aviso