Outside my window…Sun barely out, still dawn (6AM), roosters crowing.

I am thinking…if I can squeeze in some scrapping time today. I hope so!

I am thankful for…(something really mundane for now) Pinterest!

From the kitchen…breakfast for the kids – bacon, longganisa and rice.

I am wearing…shorts and a shirt!

I am creating…Project Life inserts (haven’t started on Week 3, maybe I will have the photos printed next week, together with Week 4 and month-in-review layouts).

I am going…to have an alarm system this week while working – 30mins. work, 10mins surfing, 30 mins stand up and walk away from computer — I’m trying to insert some bursts of fitness in my routine.

I am reading…the Happiness Project.

I am hoping…that the husband gets paid this week!

I am hearing…Marts telling Ate Caren she wants braids as her hairstyle today.

Around the house…Kids at 6AM already dressed for school. They need to come to school earlier than usual in preparation for their foundation day activities next month.

One of my favorite things…XBox Kinect’s Dance Central! The whole family is enjoying dancing all day – if only I can sneak in to catch a video of them dancing I am sure that their video once posted will have so many youtube download downloads! (Im kidding of course :P)

A few plans for the rest of the week..catch up on work, step up on move regimen (I cant even claim it’s move more – since I havent been moving prior to this week :P), celebrate Edil’s bday this weekend.

A picture I love:
Super duper mega rare moment. Not staged! 
It’s not everyday I get a picture like this, without me bribing them into posing. They did this on their own 🙂 (How sweet!)

Aggie Aviso