A productive and happy workplace relies on a variety of elements, from your team to your management style. But there are crucial ingredients to the success of a business that are too easily taken for granted – and consequently too easily forgotten also. Indeed, at the heart of your team productivity, you need to consider how the overall work environment supports their efforts. From importing data online – which has become a vital part of everyday tasks for most office jobs – to keeping everyone healthy, you’ve got a lot of responsibilities as a business owner. The team quintessential HSS quadrant – Health Safety Security  – focuses on enabling employees to be the best asset they can be. If you fail to deliver HSS quality, you are at risk of wasting time and money in training and equipment without putting your employees first. Indeed, without a team to rely on, your equipment and course investments become pointless.

Put your team at the heart of your attention  

The forgotten ingredient: Health

Admittedly, your employees are adults who can look after themselves. Your role as a health protector is not the role of a parent who wants to protect their child. You’re an investor, and you’re taking all the necessary preventive measures to protect your investment, aka your team. Managing the office temperature to make everyone comfortable might sound like an obvious choice, but you’d be surprised how many business owners adopt a casual attitude about it. If you need to book an appointment for your Lennox AC repair job, it’s best not to delay it any longer. Your staff performs at its best in a comfortable environment, as a cold or warm workplace can lead to sickness. Additionally, you should check your air filter regularly to avoid indoor air pollution, which causes headaches, allergies and respiratory diseases.

The essential Safety procedures

Nobody can ignore health and safety measures anymore. Businesses are obliged by law to respect the policies of their country and industry sector. Failure to do so is not only punishable but can also put you at risk of legal fees and pursuits. Your role is not only to make sure the work area is safe but also to train and educate your team. You should also encourage vulnerable members of the team to receive additional support when and where required. For instance, you can’t leave it to pregnant employees to carry heavy items.

The protection against modern criminals; Security

Last, but not least, cybersecurity is a buzzword that has penetrated the business world. With hackers targeting primarily small businesses — as large corporations are often a difficult target – you can’t afford to neglect your security strategy. From password protection to ensuring that your employees know how to recognise cyber risks, data loss and breach are a constant threat you need to be prepared against. Hackers tend to gain access through the exploitation of your weaknesses, whether it is the firewall or by convincing employees to click on a phishing link. Don’t leave anything to chance if you want to protect the future of your company.

Keep digital data secure

The HSS quadrant acts as an employee-focused series of motions that serves as protective, educative and advisory measures to guide everyday tasks. With these measures, your business investments are unlikely to grow.

Aggie Aviso