Have you ever worked for someone that seemed like they didn’t really want to communicate with you? A trainer that is standoffish, and managers that don’t want to answer any questions after the meeting is over, or a CEO that keeps forgetting your name, are some examples. Most people have had that experience of working with or for someone that just seems like they’re unhappy with either their role, or you personally. It’s a strange feeling because you know you haven’t done anything wrong to them, yet you keep receiving the cold shoulder. Wouldn’t it be better to just have it out with that person, have them explain to you why they treat you this way? It’s much better to know where you stand than to have to keep guessing each day. The value of being real goes a long way in business. From both the perspective of a business owner and an employee, there are techniques you can use to be upfront about yourself which will hopefully give incentive to the people you work with to take you more seriously.

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Confidence of doubt

Taking on too many responsibilities too quickly can lead to utter disaster. Not only do stand to cause the company harm, but you might end up losing professional relationships as well. Talking up when you think something is wrong or incorrect, can also stop this from happening as you’re the one calling out the mistake. The first applies to managers mostly or those climbing up the ladder, and the latter pertains to lesser employees that are fearful of speaking truth to power. How do you express the fact that you know you cannot take on the task set to you? It’s wise to pull aside the manager and explain why you can’t do what they asked of you. Of course initially you might have said yes you can or even expressed doubt, but none of that matters now. You must professionally explain your shortcomings in particular areas, which will help them understand your doubts. In fact, expressing them confidently is a strong personality trait. You know what you can and can’t do, thus you’re trustworthy and responsible. Rather than let the ship sink, you have let someone else steer it and kept it afloat by avoiding the many icebergs in your way.

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Something very real

If you’re a business owner, don’t be one of those types that sit behind a desk all day and hardly interacts with their workforce. The crushing thing is, employees always know when you’re making small talk. They play along because you’re their boss and it would be awkward if they didn’t. So give yourself a very real reason to interact with them periodically. Look at the Create pay stub templates where you can find a number of choices. These paychecks are hard copies of their salary and monthly wages. This gives the employee something tangible to store in their own folders at home. It also gives them detail about what they are being paid for, their financial details regarding tax deductibles and more. Talking about the week or month’s work you did with employees while giving them their pay stubs is a genuine conversation that has a centerpiece to it.

The saying ‘be real’ is floated around on clothing and in advertisements. But very few people know what it means to be real. You could be that person by engaging with your managers about your doubts and speak confidently about them.

Aggie Aviso