Redecorating a home is the best way to give your life an instant facelift. You feel like a new person in a new space, and that can turn any worries you have right now on their head! But before you get deep into the redecorating mindset and open up all the paint cans, do a whip round of your home first. You need to be sure you’re painting or wallpapering onto a stable canvas, and that requires going through with a fine tooth comb! Above all else, check for the signs we’ve listed down below – they can tank your efforts before you even get started. 

Pexels Image – CC0 Licence

Old Peeling Paint

If your walls are already peeling and/or seem flaky, it’s a sign that the surface is a little too dirty or greasy for its own good. Don’t worry, it happens to every home in the world! It just means there’s been a lot of elements in the air, and who ever includes a wall wash in the monthly list of chores?! You just need to go over these areas with something abrasive to get both the flaking paint and the chemicals off – items like sugar soap wipes are good for this. 

Dirty Marks on Walls

Another issue to do with old stains or scuff marks you never noticed before, you shouldn’t ignore dirty marks on any walls either. While not a disaster to paint over, they definitely need wiping away or sanding off before you do any redecorating. 

If you don’t, they’re likely to seep through the new paint – instead of getting rid of the mark with a new layer, they’ll shine through like the new paint isn’t even there! So it’s best to have a good scrub first; this way your redecorating efforts won’t go to waste within the first dew weeks. 

Spots of Mold or Damp

Mold or dampness are the worst things to invade your home. Before you slap some paint on the wall, check for small spots of this in any and all rooms. Get up in the loft as well and have a good look around; if you find any up here, there’s a chance it’s already moved down. 

Even just a bit of water damage can cause serious structural issues, and that’s not something you want to simply paint over. It’ll hide the marks for a while, but the damage will continue to grow and cause your lovely new wallpaper to bubble up and fall off! 

Cracks and Chips

A crack in the wall is a bad sign, no matter what. If left, what was once a harmless hairline fracture is now a collapsed wall! You may simply need it sealing to keep your home safe, or it could be a case for repairing the entire foundation. So if you see cracks and chips in the walls, especially around exposed brickwork, call someone in to take a look. 

Redecorating is usually quite fun, but make sure there are no problems first.