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Moving into a new house is a scary and exciting time. Mainly, it is exciting because you can’t wait to start your new life as a family. But, before you can begin to make memories, you have to deal with one issue: filling the space. Unfortunately, a new house isn’t a home because it is bare and lacks personality. So, you have to fill in the gaps if you want to turn it into a home. With that in mind, here are a couple of tips which will come in handy.

Unpack Everything

It is amazing how many people don’t even fully unpack before they make big decisions. As a rule, it is impossible to tell whether you have enough stuff to cover up the spaces until everything is out of the boxes. It is tempting only to take out the things you need to function, but it is lazy. The best option is to rip the boxes open and get started with redecorating as soon as you have the chance. And, don’t take it out and leave it on the floor or in the corner. If you don’t hang art, you won’t know whether artwork should go on the list or whether you have it covered.

Focal Points Over Clutter

To an average person, filling space means buying as many items as possible. The problem with this tactic is that it makes houses look cluttered and untidy. Covering the gaps is one thing, but no one wants their home to look like a goodwill store. To avoid this, thespruce.com you will need focal points throughout the property. A focal point is a piece of furniture or an item which catches the eye. Because they tend to be big and dominating, they allow you to take up the room with a minimalist style. A sofa is a great example, as is a table and chairs combination.

Don’t Go Over Budget

You have just bought a new house, so money is going to be tight. There is no reason to spend more than necessary to redecorate, which is why you need to be frugal. Unpacking everything and taking stock is a great start, but it is only the beginning. If you are going to opt for a focal point, try and cut the cost beforehand. A piece of furniture is a lot cheaper with a voucher from DontPayFull.com than it is at retail price. Also, try and keep needless purchases to a minimum. The best way to save money is not to spend it.


In the process of moving out and moving into your new home, there will be a clear out. However, some of the belongings you throw in the garbage can are useful. All you have to do is fashion them into something new. For example, empty tins of paint can be lampshades or urban plant pots. It is called upcycling and it is as cost-effective as it is creative.

If there is too much room in your new house, these tips will take care of the problem.

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