And so it’s December.

I had big plans in starting this month with a bang – full with holiday-related activities for my youngest, planning Christmas traditions, scheduling events and dates, preparing Christmas photoshoot outfits and all the other crazy things you think of when it’s Christmas and you have discovered Pinterest – but guess what, today has been another ordinary day in the everyday life of Aggie.

If this was a few years back, the Aggie would undoubtedly be disappointed with herself. The perfectionist would abandon all plans because, “Hello, it’s ruined – everything should start on the first day of December, Aggie!” She would shelve all goals, all ideas for next year, for there will be another Christmas, you know? Christmas happens every year.

But this year, the Aggie knows the value of each Christmas. She has realized that each Christmas is different and special, and that it doesn’t have to be perfect to be happy and memorable and special. It just needs to have the Aggie trying, and not throwing a fit when her perfect idea of a Christmas doesn’t happen.

I’ve experienced Christmas without a Dad.

I’ve experienced Christmas without a mom.

I’ve experienced Christmas without a husband.

And while those years aren’t in my top 10 happiest Christmases of all time, those Christmases WERE  still happy ones.


It’s still choosing to be happy. Because happiness is a choice.

So the most wonderful time of the year begins, again.

I don’t know about you, but I’m already happy just knowing it has already started. Take it slow, friends. Savor the season.

Aggie Aviso

Aggie Aviso describes herself as her family’s storyteller and memory keeper. A mom to two kids ages 14 and 8, she is certainly past the age of sleepless nights and adorable pigtails. However, motherhood stays exciting, more meaningful and yes, more challenging. She takes it all in stride, knowing fully well that moments pass by in a blink of an eye. As Gretchen Rubin famously said, “The days are long, but the years are short.” She has discovered how wonderful it is to have those fleeting moments in time documented in their family books and has made it her personal mission and passion to be able to tell their stories for her future grandkids. You can read more about her here.. Subscribe to blog updates and the occasional letter here.