Having a clean and minimal look in the home has many benefits. Not only is it usually easier to keep on top of maintenance, it can help to reduce stress. Think about a home with lots of accessories and things for a second. What do they do? They create visual clutter. This doesn’t mean you can’t have accessories in your home; it just means they must be strategically placed to avoid stressing your brain out and making your home look a mess! Read on if you want to learn how to achieve a clean and minimal look in your home.


Start With The Basics

Start with the basics such as your furniture and go from there. These are the things you need, and once they are in place you can work around them, adding the correct accents and accessories to make your home look enough like a home, while remaining minimal. Select your furniture, floor, window dressings, and other things that are necessary to your comfort. Ideally they will have clean lines and won’t be too fussy!

Make It Super Easy To Clean

One of the great things about having a minimal look in your home is that it tends to be so much easier to clean. You can browse tile stores for your next kitchen floor, for example, and it should take you just seconds to clean up with a steam mop. Having carpet is fine, but it takes longer to clean and can even begin to smell. The easier your home is to clean, the better. This is largely down to the materials you select, so pay attention!

Choose Your Accessories Very Carefully

When you have everything you need in place, it’s time to accessorize. However, as it’s a clean and minimal look you’re going for, you want accent decorations rather than lots of smaller decorations. Instead of having multiple small pictures to decorate your space, choose one big one and put it in a place that catches the eye. You can also include texture to stop your space from looking boring. For example, a chandelier always looks great against a neutral background.

Clear Your Surfaces

If your surfaces are cluttered up with different things, it’s not going to create a minimal look, no matter how neutral and clear the rest of your space is. Clear your surfaces as best you can, putting your storage facilities to good use. It could be a nice idea to have a decorative book on your coffee table, maybe even a candle, but don’t go overboard.


Create a Neutral Base

If you want a clean and minimal look then a restrained color palette is important. By creating a neutral base the eye won’t be overwhelmed with color. Use colors like black, white, brown, natural green, dark blue, and other colors that you tend to find in nature. You can use brighter colors, but the more restrained your palette, the better.

Let In Light

Letting in light will really open up your space. Maybe you don’t need window dressings at all. Do what feels right and make the most of the light that pours through your windows.

How will you achieve the minimal look?

Aggie Aviso