You suitcases are packed and your passports are ready for that long overseas vacation that you’ve been promising yourself for years. Surely, your house will be fine whilst you are away? Or will it? It is vital that you pack up your home so that it is ready for the long period of having no-one living in it. Here is a guide for you to follow.

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Who should you inform that you are away?

This is a tricky one. It is inevitable that some people will need to know that you are going away but you don’t want the local neighborhood burglar to be able to tell that the house is unoccupied. Here’s what you should do. Choose a neighbor that you know well and that you trust. Someone who works from home or who is retired is ideal because they will be around during the day and can keep an eye on things.

Give them a spare key to your house and tell them the exact dates that you will be away. Also, give them a contact number where they can reach you if there is an emergency. Give your neighbor the Restorationeze contact details so that any emergency water leaks can be sorted out before you return.

Make arrangements for your pets to be cared for whilst you are away and for your plants (inside and out) to be watered. Ask your neighbor to place their trash outside your home a few times so that it looks like there is someone living there. Also, ask them to park their car in your drive for a few nights a week.

You do need to tell your credit card company, or anyone else who will need a bill paid, that you are going away. This will prevent you getting any unwelcome interest charges after your vacation.

Try to prevent disasters whilst you are away

You may have a plan in place to deal with domestic disasters but it is best if they don’t happen in the first place! Start by unplugging every small electronic device in the house. Turn the switch on your heating and water heater to “vacation” mode. Turn off the water valves to the dishwasher, washing machine, and all sinks. This is especially important if you are away when the weather is cold and burst pipes are a possibility. Set your thermostat to a temperature closer to outside temperatures. This will provide protection for your plants, pets, and furniture.

Packing up the house

Avoid bad smells on your return by taking out all the trash and clearing all the drains. Remove all the food from the refrigerator and cupboards. Only canned and packet food that can last for months should remain. You can always arrange for a grocery delivery on the day of your return to re-stock.

Give all of your appliances a deep clean. It can be almost impossible to remove stale food after a few months.

Now get out of here and have a great vacation!


Aggie Aviso