As part of my 14 in 2014 creative goal challenge, I decided to embark on the 52 Project initiated by Jodi of Practising Simplicity. The goal was simple – take weekly portraits of your children every week and by the end of the year you have 52 lovely pictures of them that take them through January to December.

It was something similar to what I did back in 2010. I compiled pictures of the kids together and made it into a book. I remember I was sad when I realized how there were fewer pictures of them together compared to the previous years.

Cover Album - I named the album Kids' Snapshots (2010)

Cover Album – I named the album Kids’ Snapshots (2010)



I have been doing Project 52 since 2013 but missed a few weeks. I also was taking pictures of them separately. This year, I decided to take photos of them together intentionally since 1) my eldest only comes home during weekends and 2) I rarely can see them together in one place, let alone have them in one frame for a candid shot.

We are currently now on week 43, only 9 weeks left and this project is done. I have been slowly making layouts for their weekly photos and I am already seeing how awesome this would look in an album by the end of the year – memory keeping rocks.

I am keeping it simple this year and plan to continue it next year. All the photos in this project are taken from my iPhone5. Technology has helped tremendously when it comes to simplifying capturing moments – without sacrificing quality.

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Ronnie shares her beautiful book about this project on the LifeCaptured blog. I love her photos – she truly captured the everyday (and the personalities of her children). This has inspired me to try and capture the kids in their natural environment/setting. (If only I could get them in one frame – ha!) Rhiza of Chasing Dreams shares her adorable twins in her 52-week project too. My friends have been consistently taking photos of their kids and sharing it on their Instagram accounts as well.

Have you tried the 52 Project? Let me know how you are doing!


The 52 Project is part of my 14 in 2014 creative goals’ challenge. I am trying to meet 14 goals to be done throughout 2014. (As you can see, I haven’t crossed anything from my list yet.) But I have 9 weeks to accomplish something, and that I am determined to do.

Aggie Aviso