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The funny thing is that most children aren’t spoiled. They don’t fulfill the stereotype perpetuated in films of a little monster who’s always unhappy and ungrateful for whatever their parents do for them. In reality, your children are likely happy to simply spend time with you and their friends; all they want from a birthday is to feel loved and have a fun time.

It’s probably you, as the parent, who puts pressure on themselves to always top last year’s birthday and give their child something they won’t forget because that’s what we as parents do. We love our children, and we want them to be happy. So, if you want to throw a birthday that your child will certainly never forget then here are 3 steps to help you achieve that.

An amazing party.

Obviously, everybody knows that a great birthday needs a great birthday party. This isn’t the first article to suggest that. However, it’s the way in which you go about throwing this party which will determine how amazing your child’s birthday ends up being. Put away your wallet or purse because the answer isn’t always to throw a heap of money at a situation until it magically becomes amazing.

You need to have a think about your child; you need to think about their interests and, perhaps, their friend’s interests. They might want to impress their buddies, so thinking of a cool theme might be the best way to help them do that. Ensure that the theme is relevant to their age range, as this is important; perhaps they’re all into a certain TV show at the moment, so you could request that everybody dresses as their favorite character from [insert TV show or film], and that’ll definitely make your kid’s day extra special. They just want to have fun with their friends; money doesn’t have to factor into that.

An amazing gift.

Again, don’t overthink this, and don’t always go for the most expensive option. Plastic trash might be a great novelty gift, but your child will soon bore of items that either break or lose their charm within a week or so. When it comes to an amazing gift, you need to think of something exciting that your child will want to or need to use every day; obviously, socks won’t impress them. Still, you could check out sites such as the d squared kids section for fashionable clothing if you’re looking for a practical gift that’ll actually interest your little one. If they’re old enough then it may be time for a cell phone too; that’s a gift they’re sure to remember.

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An amazing memory.

As you can guess from the picture above, another great idea to make your kid’s birthday extra special is to take them out somewhere such as the zoo. You want to make some memories if you want this day to stick out in their mind. If they’ve always talked about wanting to go to Disney World then perhaps driving them all the way there is the big gesture you could make. It all depends on their age and their interests, of course.

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