Hello 2013!

Looking back at the past year, I think I can give myself a 70% rating on my goals (12 in 12) in 2012. I only started in June but was able to complete five albums I like and I am proud of. My most favorite is the Instagram Album 2011.

I am also so proud and happy that I was able to get caught up (almost) with Project Life. I did not give up on it but did fall majorly behind. I am now into Week 45 (November) – so roughly eight more weeks! I aim to put everything to a close before January ends. In the meantime, I am also working on Project Life for 2013. (Week 1 almost done!)

The only projects I really would have liked to accomplish were the Me, Abridged Version album I started working last September (then life got in the way) and a Week in the Life. I need to find time to make sure these gets bumped in my goals for 2013.

This was not a creative project but every month (save for one) last year, I posted a Today blog post. I plan to continue this every month this year plus additional blog posts capturing more everyday life.

So, not bad at all, Aggie. I think you deserve a pat on the back for 2012!

Aggie Aviso