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We all know that going out and about is the best way to fill the creative well. Endless artists have expressed how important experience is for creating their work. While there’s a romantic idea of the artist who sits in coffee shops and watches the world pass by, the reality is different. Who has time to do that? The good news is, there are plenty of ways to fill your creative well from home. All you need to do is get creative with your methods. But, creativity is what this is all about, is it not?


In this modern age, we have to mention the internet. Never before has creative inspiration been so easy to come by. Everything you need is at the tips of your fingers. Anytime your well dries, get online and get searching. Sites like Pinterest offer endless amounts of inspiration on any topic. If you have favorite artists, you’ll have access to the majority of their work online. You don’t need to visit an art gallery to get inspired anymore! All you need is a little internet know-how, and you’ll have everything you need! If you’ve never turned to the net for inspiration before, give it a go and see what you find!


It can also help to fill your home with inspiration. This is especially important if this is where you create. Surrounding yourself with art by other people will nurture your creative instincts. It can also give you a much-needed push to get to work yourself. The art you surround yourself doesn’t need to be relevant to your chosen medium, either. If you’re a writer, look out for paintings that inspire you. You’ll be able to look at them any time the words desert you. If you’re a painter, look into sculptures, or find out about glass from companies like Silk Highway. Don’t forget that literature can be amazing inspiration, too. No matter what art you do, there’s a lot to be learnt in books! You could even think outside the box and get a good stereo system. Music is art too, remember! Listening to music could be just the thing you need to start your next creative project.


Let’s be honest; nothing fills the creative well quite so much as the act of creation. The best way to fill your well at home is to get to work. This is what it’s all about, right? Creation fuels itself in many ways. Once you start, you’ll find the ideas start flowing on their own. If you have trouble finding the perfect starting point, let go of the notion. Start where you start and locate the beginning later on! The important thing is that you create. You don’t even have to stick to your chosen project. If you’re struggling with one pursuit, get your teeth into something different. As long as you’re creating, you’re on your way to achieving your goal!

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