I haven’t been advertising it as much but the monthly SSD portfolios are a treasure trove of inspiration. I have only gotten to playing this month’s portfolio challenge list but I have been loving what I have done so far.

1 – Lift a layout by Sue Setiadji, our Treat of the Month for April, and get to know her better in this month’s special feature. 1pt.

3 – Spring is the perfect time to create layouts that focus on growth. Create a layout that shows growth – it could be personal, about one of your children, or even about the flowers in your yard. 1pt.

16 – This time of year makes many people think.. PASTELS. Create a layout featuring a pastel scheme. 1pt.

19 – April is a month full of tradition, celebrations, and holidays for many of us. Scrap a layout about what your family does throughout the month.. Do you celebrate passover? Do you celebrate Easter? Tell us about your April traditions! 1pt.

27 – Get photo heavy! Create a layout with at least 6 photos. Repeats are allowed to a minimum (ie don’t use 1 photo six times.. but 2 or 3 times is acceptable). 2pts

Aggie Aviso