And I am not talking about that nice movie starring Keanu Reeves.
But they might as well have been talking about me.

I realized the past year that there is a price to multi-tasking and that you might have accomplished everything but you haven’t mastered and perfected anything. It’s like being a Jane of All Trades but a Master of None. I admit I must have tried to take in everything thrown at my plate and tried very hard to juggle everything without anything falling onto the floor but it became very hard for me to stay sane.

So something has been nagging me.
Something’s gotta give.

In between thinking and deciding between life insurance no medical exam quotes and how to organize the house, I decided, with such bittersweet heaviness in my heart, to step down from all of my creative teams – that means my home in digiland since 2005, SSD.

I would still be scrapbooking, but I plan to just focus mainly on Project Life and making themed albums and photobooks (literally, photos in books).

Let creative freedom (and hopefully me mastering one thing) begin.

Aggie Aviso