Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay 

Saving the planet and being kind to the environment is on everyone’s mind right now. It’s a lot to take on, do you all of a sudden start using things with no packaging? Do you go, vegan? Do you never use a straw again? Do you pledge to use recycled paper or only Eco-Friendly Planners? There are so many things to consider, so if it’s part of your new year’s resolution to be more eco-friendly in 2020, then there are plenty of little things you can do which will make all the difference.

Use Food Wraps

Use reusable food wraps instead of plastic wrap or aluminium foil as the best thing since sliced bread. They are brilliant for wrapping fruit and veg, but also for anything you would typically use cling-film for such as covering bowls or plates or wrapping up sandwiches. The warmth from your hands softens the wraps just enough to allow them to stick, so all you need to do is simply wipe them with a dishcloth and some diluted dishwater to clean, if necessary, and store for reuse. 

Buy Shampoo Bars

You don’t need all the packaging that comes with shampoo. Although it may seem alien to many people, having a shampoo bar is just as good if note better than having a bottle of shampoo. Just because we are so used to the liquid form of shampoo doesn’t mean that a solid shampoo bar will work any less. Bottles of shampoo equal unnecessary packaging and ingredients that aren’t great for you or the drains. Check out shampoo bars from Lush and just search the internet for any others as there are plenty available these days; they last a lot longer than your bottles do, and they are just as good. 

Stop Buying Bottled Water 

I know, we’re told to drink plenty of water, but having to use plastic water bottles all the time is no good for your bank balance or the environment. A stainless steel water bottle is brilliant as it keeps cold things cold and hot things hot. You can keep it in your bag and refill it in the bathroom, or ask a flight attendant or cashier to fill it instead of buying water in plastic. Did you know that roughly 2,480,000 tons of plastic bottles and other containers are tossed out – and not recycled every year? Plastic water bottles make up a significant portion of this waste. They are one of the primary sources of pollution and pose a severe threat to our environment. Save the environment AND save water. Besides, 280,000% markup on bottled water compared to tap water is absurd! Using a refillable water bottle can save you hundreds of dollars a month.

Get A Reusable Coffee Cup

Stop using single-use coffee cups and bring your own thermos or reusable coffee cup. That’s about all you need to know, any coffee shop worth going to will give you a discount for bringing your own cup and what better excuse to treat yourself to a pretty little cup? 

Aggie Aviso