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There’s no reason to think that you can’t have a lovely home just because it’s on the smaller side, and pint-sized properties can be both practical and beautiful. On the plus side, they’re cheaper to furnish and decorate, easier to clean and cheaper to run too- you might prefer a mansion, but a small home definitely has its merits! However, there are some particular problems you can come up against when you’re moving into a smaller home- if you’re about to move or just want to make over your tiny property, here are a few things to consider.


Small rooms should always be decorated in light shades. Anything dark will close in the room and make it look even smaller. Plain white, magnolia or very light grey are all good options, or you could choose a colour but keep it very pale. If you have a particular shade in mind but can’t find it light enough, most DIY stores will mix you up a custom colour. Paint will always look darker on the walls than you think so even a shade that looks off-white in the tin will show the colour when it’s on the wall. Keeping it plain with paint makes sense, but if you do choose to go with wallpaper, go with a subtle print in a light colour, and hang it on the feature wall only. Keep away from dark colours and bold patterns which will really close in the space.


When you’re buying large pieces of furniture such as sofas and beds, it makes sense that you wouldn’t just pick out the first thing you see. Instead, look at the dimensions and measure them carefully in the room so you can see exactly how much space they take up. You can often find great deals on second hand furniture, people often buy things and then have to sell them when they move as their new property is too small. Companies like Shiply specialise in the collection and delivery of bulky items, so it’s easy to get your furniture from A to B.


In order to keep a small home room looking tidy and clutter free, you absolutely need the right storage. In bedrooms, built in wardrobes are a good choice since they run from floor to ceiling so maximise the space. They can also be made as deep or shallow as you like and can be fit around awkward nooks and crannies so perfect for smaller rooms. Keeping your small home clean and minimal looking will stop it from feeling cramped and claustrophobic. Get into the habit of regularly decluttering and find a place for everything you own.

A few considerations and you can keep your tiny home looking its best and be both beautiful and practical. The decor, the furniture and storage are key components to get right when you’re working with a tiny space.

How do you ensure your smaller property stays looking beautiful as well as being practical?

Aggie Aviso