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COVID-19 has made everybody more aware of their health. Now that a simple virus can put your health at risk, you don’t want to take the basics for granted. That means washing your hands for twenty seconds or more, wearing a face mask, and wiping items down after use.

Of course, it’s harder to keep your home entirely Coronavirus-free as there are different furnishings and materials, and it’s a bigger space to try and maintain. Still, your house shouldn’t be a COVID hotspot – it should be the safest place that you know.

Thankfully, you can ensure its security by utilizing the following measures.

Buy A Humidifier

Usually, properties need dehumidifiers to remove moisture from the air to prevent the spread of mold. However, the research shows that this virus works better when the air is drier, mainly as it makes your nose, ears and throat less effective at stopping it from entering your body. Plus, studies show that relatively high humidity levels, between 40% and 60%, make the virus less likely to spread as the extra water damages the virus’s outer membrane. Keeping the humidity a little higher is your body’s and your home’s first line of defense.

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Crack A Window

Something as basic as opening a window sounds cliche. How can a potent virus that’s shut down the world’s economy not fight back against fresh air? It turns out that the Coronavirus might spread through air particles that remain in the atmosphere for thirty minutes or longer. As a result, cracking a window and flushing out old air to replace it with fresh oxygen is an effective and accessible option to keep your house safe. The best tactic is to open the windows with a natural draft as the airflow will be strong and steady.

Replace Household Materials

Another powerful technique to make your home as COVID-free as possible is to clean regularly. Wiping down surfaces kills the virus and stops the transmission process, yet your interiors could make it difficult. It’s not easy to clean carpets when the thick fabric absorbs anything that it touches, including bacteria and pathogens. Switching to vinyl flooring or tiles is a fantastic alternative as they are wipeable. All you need to do is spray the material with disinfectant or mop the floors with warm, soapy water and you’re done. With carpets, you need to deep clean often, which isn’t a long-term solution.

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Limit Entry

It’s a tough time for homeowners who are worried about the virus and its impact on health. As a human, you want to connect with your friends and family, yet you don’t want to increase the chances of contracting COVID-19. It’s a challenging balancing act, but you can limit the people who come into your house if they aren’t VIPs. Let’s face it – you can clean or repair most household items without the need for a cleaner or handyman.

Making your house Coronavirus-free is doable with these simple hacks. How are you safeguarding your wellbeing at home?

Aggie Aviso