We’ve all be taught that it’s not how a person looks, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Similarly, society has always treated homes that way too, because, in order for companies to build an abundance of homes in keeping with the population growth, properties all look the same from the outside. However, the British say, an Englishman’s home is his castle. A drab exterior can suck the character and jovial life out of a home and for a homeowner who’s unhappy with the aesthetics of their home it can be a nagging itch that won’t go away. The phrase ‘home sweet home’ can start being further from the truth, if the vibe color scheme, materials, and shape of the property doesn’t align with the owner’s standards. Nothing a little elbow grease won’t fix, as a little hard work can perform a marvelous transformation, bringing the house closer to your style.

Image credit – Lynn Greyling

Refurbish the exterior

If you have a fence, rather than painting it the generic white, you may find the better artistic choice is to varnish the wood in a high-quality high-sheen gloss. A spectacularly bold and loud orange varnish can dance with the sunlight if you paint it right. The varnish will be thick, so it will conjure and solidify in lumps if you don’t take your time when applying it. First, hose down your fence with high-pressure water to clean the dirt and insect off. The apply the varnish in long flowing strokes. You will need to apply two layers and then a finishing varnish coat, so all in all, three layers of sheen.

The house siding many mass-produced homes have it incredibly dull, with it either being made from wood and the color fading due to sunlight exposure, or it’s a boring white. Instead of this, you could replace the siding with vinyl siding which celebrates a smart black and gray slate exterior. For this you’ll need to call in a professional, so you don’t ruin the structural integrity while removing and replacing the siding; visit Dennis and Sons Roofing for information on this.


Photo source – 663Highland

Contouring the garden with pebbles

A neat white pebble outline of your garden focuses the attention of the viewer onto the lawn or flower bushes as they become the centerpiece of the front garden. What you need to do is measure out the amount of space you’re willing to dedicate to the pebbles. Carefully plan out the outline of your garden making sure to not go over the property’s boundary lines.

Use a measuring tape to see how deep you need to layer the pebbles so that the soil won’t show underneath, or you could use a large, thick plastic sheet to flatten the area after you’ve dug up all the green. This way the pebbles have a tangible surface to sit on rather than sinking into the soil every time it rains. Speaking of rain, make sure to poke holes in the plastic sheet before laying it down, or you’ll create a seal, and the rain will flood your garden creating pools of standing water.

Aggie Aviso