If you want to keep your home safe from robbers this year, you will also want to think about securing your outdoor space. A lot of the time when a robber approaches your home they will come in through the back and try to find access to the garden. To avoid this happening and to prevent your garden being broken into there are a few things you can do.

Secure the perimeter

The first step to securing your garden is to replace the fence and make sure that your gates are lockable. If you currently have a very low-level fence which surrounds your space, it might be better for you to go for a taller fence to make it difficult for robbers to climb. If you cannot do this, you can make the climb difficult by planting thorny bushes like holly and bramble underneath your fences on all sides. A robber will hurt themselves on this and will likely give up.

Install a trellis

A trellis is a type of fencing made of bamboo or other wood and is used to house climbing plants like honeysuckle and roses. If you can install a trellis around your garden, the robber won’t be able to climb your fence because the trellis won’t support their weight.

Secure the shed

One of the main parts of the garden which can be targeted by robbers is your shed. If you have a shed in your backyard you need to make sure that it is secured and strong to deter a robber from breaking in. Aside from being able to steal your tools, they can use these tools to help them break into your home and hurt you if you disturb their efforts. To protect yourself and your tools, you can install a deadbolt lock on the door.

Gravel driveways and patio

If there is one thing which anyone will find impossible, it is walking on gravel without making a sound. Robbers thrive off being able to stay quiet and unseen by their victims, and they will be able to reach your home easily if you have a regular driveway and patio. By replacing this with grave, it can deter a robber from trying to steal from you.


Home security like homesecuritysystem.co is the absolute essential if you want to keep your property safe, and you can go a step further by installing cameras around the perimeter of your home. Make sure you don’t miss any blind spots and have one which faces your garden to spot anyone trying to enter from the back of your home.


Motion sensing lights are a godsend for many of us, and they can be the one thing which deters a robber from attempting to break into your home. Having motion sensing lights will allow you to shock the robber and deter them because they don’t want to be identified. It is a simple effective trick and can make a massive difference to the safety of your home and garden.

Aggie Aviso