I can never begin to explain how scrapping has been a form of therapy for me ever since I started. I classify myself as a person with too many issues. And even if I seem “open” with my life, there are a lot of thoughts and struggles beneath my surface that I tend to keep for myself. I think I solve and figure out my struggles better when I keep it to myself.

Thus whenever you see my pages, especially those that are heavy on journaling, you get to peek in some serious drama in my head and heart. And this page is no exception. I love that the challenge over at JWD made me create this page.

Again, this one is from a template. I decided to make more time writing and finding pictures than going crazy with the design. This was finished in 30 minutes 🙂

JWD Project 52: Week 9 - I Miss This

WOW, this challenge went straight to my heart. Thank you.

Laundry Line – Yori
Laundry Line – Solids
Love Buds
Rough Beginnings Startes
JWD Outlines (Font)
Anna Aspnes Interlocking Template 1

I actually miss a lot of things. Truth be told, I never really experienced my kids as babies. I had my eldest when I was 19, and I went back to school three months after he was born. He was with my mother-in-law for six months, with me only having to take care of him during weekends, when my nanny went away. I didn’t see his first step and I wasn’t there when he was started to walk and run. My youngest was born during tough times. We were changing nannies week after week and I couldn’t resign from my job because we needed all the money we can get. It wasn’t healthy for my baby so she stayed with my Mom until I was able to resign for good.

While I do know that I really didn’t have that much of a choice when they were babies and that I did what I could to take care of them, seeing all these pictures of them so young leaves me with bittersweet feelings. I will never be able to bring back the time when they were little and needed me. But I am doing all that I can now to take care of them the way I can. The best way I know how. I have been staying at home for 10 months now and while I feel sometimes that the world went on without me, I remind myself of all the things that I miss and I don’t mind letting the world forget about me. The world may go round and round for all I care, for now, Im stopping for my children.

Aggie Aviso