January is the time of the year when most people set goals for themselves and aim too high. Across forums, there is a thread about scrapping resolutions. And I thought I can do one this year because I was able to accomplish mine last year (get caught up in all printing) – I would like to thank Artscow for that.Now if my husband can promise to lessen his habit to buy cigars twice a day, I can promise to scrap less.

Yep, you heard me. My goal is to scrap less this year. Accomplish more things. Live life more.

I only plan to make sure I carry out my Project 365 for 2010. I am so inspired by Janet Phillips’ album (hers is on Facebook) and Shannon Bieger’s album (hers is on Flickr). One picture provides a snippet of their lives and speak so much more than 10 pages of scrapped pages.

Not that I am giving up entirely on scrapbooking – no. NEVER! But I have some priorities that need to take centerstage this year that in order for me to keep scrapbooking, it needs to be modified to fit into my life.

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